Resources for Radiative Cooling Research

Below are some resources for researchers working on the radiative cooling field.

A Survey of Radiative Coolers

The following document contains a brief survey of radiative coolers. Please note that the information reflects the my knowledge of the field, and as such is not comprehensive or final.

Survey of radiative coolers (EngrXiv link)

Radiative Coolers in the Literature (Graphic)

Scotch Tape as a Radiative Cooling Standard

The following file contains near-normal reflectances (=1-emittance) of silvered and aluminized scotch tape for λ=0.3-30 μm, and angular and hemispherical reflectances of the metallized scotch tape for λ=1.2-30 μm.

Scotch tape optical properties (excel file)

Atmospheric Irradiance Calculator

This is a transmittance-based atmospheric irradiance model with a temperature correction applied to account for the total heat loss to the sky (space + the upper atmosphere). The correction accounts for the significant underestimation of the radiative cooling potential that results from typical use of the transmittance-based model in the literature. The full details can be found in the work, titled Accurately Quantifying Radiative Cooling Potentials: A Temperature Correction to the Transmittance-based Approximation posted here and on arXiv.

Atmospheric Model Calculator (excel file)