I will be starting as an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton University, and associated faculty in Princeton Institute of Materials in 2023-01. Early work in my lab will involve research under the theme of “sensing and mitigating heat in a warming world”. As a start, I am recruiting graduate students (for Fall 2023), postdocs or visiting scientists (for Jan/Feb 2023) who are interested in topics like solar harvesting, radiative cooling, and IR imaging and sensing. A research background in these areas is helpful, but not necessary – our work will be interdisciplinary, and borrow from different backgrounds.

If you are a prospective postdoc, please see this as an opportunity for growth, and not just a continuation of your PhD research, but expertise in one or more of the following areas are required.

  • Visible-to-IR metasurface and optical design (e.g. one or more of Lumerical, interferometry, cleanroom fabrication, optical characterisations).
  • Machining, 3D printing.
  • Modelling heat transfer (e.g. COMSOL, weather modelling software).
  • Chemical engineering / MSE/ polymer chemistry.
  • Building energy modeling (e.g. EnergyPlus)

Great examples of the kind of people I am looking for can be found among the postdocs, graduate students and undergraduates with whom I have worked in the past.

Prospective PhD students who are interested in joining my group are welcome to apply to the Civil & Environmental Engineering department at Princeton for admission in Fall 2023. A solid background in Physics/Optics/Materials Science/Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Chemistry/Chemical Engineering would position you quite well for research in my group. Please note the deadline to apply is January 3, 2023.

If you are interested in joining my group and would like to chat, please reach out to me here.